Minimum Age To Gamble In The U.S.

The confusion over the legal gambling age in the USA exists due to state's rights. Each individual state is allowed to establish their own rules regarding the age at which residents may gamble, and this has caused some degree of confusion. If you are going to gamble online, you will have to keep in mind that you have to adhere to the online gambling age in order to insulate yourself from losing money. The gambling sites that catch underage gamblers will ultimately confiscate your deposit. Keep in mind that you cannot cash out without valid proof of ID, so underage gamblers are essentially gambling without any chance of winning.

Since every state has their own gambling age requirement, you will have to check these ages prior to joining an online gambling site. Failure to do so could ultimately cost you money and time, so we do not recommend it. Every state's rules vary, and it is not always easy to find these online. We have compiled a brief list of each state's legal gambling ages in order to deliver our readers easy access to the ages that govern their ability to gamble. We do not suggest attempting to bypass these ages under any circumstances.

For the most part, every state's gambling age requirement is 21. There are a few different states that circumvent this minimum age requirement and lower it to 18, but do not expect this to be commonplace. In the end you will simply have to make sure you are legally entitled to gamble at your age.

What Could/Will Happen If I Get Caught Gambling Underage?

If you gamble underage, you will encounter the major problem of losing out on your money. Since the desired outcome of gambling is winning money, this is totally contradictory. Identity verification is totally required through every single gambling site prior to cashing out, which is in place to prevent fraud and underage gambling. This is why we recommend you never attempt to gamble under the age prescribed by the law.

Is The Age To Gamble The Same Across All Forms Of Gambling?

In some states, different age limits are in place on different types of games. This means that you may be able to legally play poker, but sports betting will be off limits. Poker generally has lower age limits than any other form of gambling, so you will be able to participate in these games at a younger age. Casinos can also provide their users at a younger age than 21. Unfortunately, sports betting is not open to players under 21 in nearly any jurisdiction.

Legal Age To Gamble In All 50 U.S. States

  • Alabama 21
  • Alaska 18
  • Arizona 21
  • Arkansas 21
  • California 21
  • Colorado 21
  • Connecticut 21
  • Delaware 21
  • Florida 21
  • Georgia 21
  • Hawaii 21
  • Idaho 18
  • IllinoisIndiana 21
  • Iowa 21
  • Kansas 18
  • Kentucky 21
  • Louisiana 21
  • Maine 18
  • Maryland 21
  • Massachusetts 21
  • Michigan 21
  • Minnesota 18
  • Mississippi 21
  • Missouri 21
  • MontanaNebraska 21
  • Nevada 21
  • New Hampshire 21
  • New Jersey 21
  • New Mexico 21
  • New York 18
  • North Carolina 18
  • North Dakota 21
  • Ohio 21
  • Oklahoma 18
  • Oregon 21
  • Pennsylvania 21
  • Rhode Island 21
  • South Carolina 18
  • South Dakota 21
  • Tennessee 21
  • Texas 21
  • Utah 21
  • Vermont 18
  • Virginia 21
  • Washington 18
  • West Virginia 21
  • Wisconsin 21
  • Wyoming 18

These are the USA legal gambling ages for each individual state. They are guidelines above anything else, however, as each different form of gambling can have their own minimum age.

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