Online Gambling Sites For US Players

If you are looking for USA online gambling sites and all the information that goes with online gambling in the USA, you are in the right spot. The purpose of our site is to give gamblers an easy to use website where they can keep up with all of the online gambling sites that accept U.S.A. players. We feature a ton of USA online casinos, poker rooms, and online sports betting sites that accept Americans.

There is all kinds of things that new gamblers need to know about before gambling online, and we have it all. We tell you about gambling bonuses, deposit methods, withdrawal options, game reviews, online gambling laws in the U.S., legal gambling age, and a whole lot more about online gambling. The best thing you can do is just take a look around our website and find a site that you like. Take a look below for links to all the information needed.

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Casinos That Accept US Players

U.S. online casinos make up a large percentage of the online gambling sites that accept U.S. players. Online casinos that accept US players offer all of the same games that the big Vegas casinos offer, but from the comfort of your own home. Players will find games like video slots, blackjack, video poker, and much more. One of the best features of playing at online casinos is the big bonuses that allow you to get up to a 500% match bonus on the first deposit made. If you want to play casino games for real money, online casinos are still a great choice for USA players.

Best Online Casinos That Allow USA Players To Play Casino Games For Real Money


400% up to $4,000

WinPalace Casino - Exclusive 400% Match Bonus For Slots

Our top choice when it comes to casinos that allow USA players to gamble has got to be WinPalace. They feature RTG casino software which is known for being the best that Americans can play plus they have exclusive bonuses for people that read this review. Use our bonus code "4000FREE" in order to grab a 400% match that is good for up to $4,000 in slots bonuses. But, if you're not sure you want to commit to slots, WinPalace has several game specific bonuses for blackjack, video poker and more, or non-specific bonuses that can be spread around. All are generous but none are greater than the exclusive bonus we have for you. Try WinPalace for free with our bonus code 10WIN which will get you $10 to play their real-money games or you can simply play the games as much as you want with their free play option.


200% up to $2,000

Aladdin's Gold Casino - Unlimited Bonuses For The First Week

Another online casino that Americans can play at safely is Aladdin's Gold. We like this casino for many reasons but primarily because new players can get unlimited bonuses for the first week of play. Once you register, go to make a deposit and you have two choices... a 200% match to $2,000 for slots, or a 100% match to $500 for most other games. Either can be collected numerous times during the first week of becoming a new player and depositing. And, if you want to try before you deposit, Aladdin's Gold has options for free play where all you risk is play money. Sign up is very quick and easy plus the casino can be accessed either through downloading the program or you can go straight through your browser and use the flash version of their casino. Either way you go, you will have access to some of the best RTG casino games around.

Best Casinos For U.S.A. Players

125% up to $3,750
5 Star Rating
300% up to $3,000
5 Star Rating
300% up to $1,500
5 Star Rating
777% up to 300 spins
4 Star Rating
400% up to $4,000
5 Star Rating
50% up to $1,000
4.5 Star Rating
400% up to $500
4.5 Star Rating
300% up to $3,000
5 Star Rating
325% up to $3,250
4.5 Star Rating
250% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating

Sportsbooks Accepting US Players

Legal online sportsbooks that accept U.S. players are a big part of online gambling in the USA. Sports betting has been around for hundreds of years, and online sports betting just makes it easier. Some may believe that legal online sports betting is not available, but that is simply not true. There are several trusted online sportsbooks that accept USA players that have been around for years and have a solid reputation in the business. Legal sports betting is a great way to keep the games more interesting and online sportsbooks are a great place to do it.


75% up to $750

Bovada Sportsbook

When you bet on sports in the United States, you should do so discreetly. There are many reasons for this which we will not get into but we want you to know that Bovada is the most professional sports betting site that accepts USA players. With that said, your privacy is priority numero uno (#1) and you can rely on your information being kept secret from prying eyes and any third party business which would want to purchase this information. Beyond all of that, Bovada offers the best betting options found anywhere. Every major professional sport you can think of has betting odds at Bovada as well as all of the popular collegiate sports such as college football and basketball. Bovada is just for Americans and therefore they've ensured that there will be a way to deposit into the sportsbook. And, when you do deposit, be ready for a 20% to $100 match bonus w/ 3x rollover!


50% up to $1,000

BetOnline Sportsbooks

In the U.S., the NFL is king... there is no disputing it and BetOnline knows this which is the prime reason they focus on pro football before, during, and after the season. There literally isn't a day on the calendar where you can not bet on something related to the NFL. But, know that BetOnline is all encompassing and has betting lines for every major pro and collegiate sporting event. What is unique about BetOnline is that they give their players a 25% match bonus on every deposit they make, not just the first like most sites. This bonus carries a maximum of $900 on each deposit which is more than what will be offered at 95% of the online betting sites that accept Americans. You simply don't run across bonuses like these everyday but in order to get them, you are going to need to deposit. Payouts and deposits are where BetOnline shines as all are quick and reliable.

Online Poker Sites That Accept US Players

Black Friday has taken a heavy toll in the world of online poker rooms that accept U.S. players, but it has not ended it. There is several U.S. online sportsbooks that have very popular poker rooms that accept all U.S. players. Sure, there may not be 100k people online like at PokerStars did in its prime, but there is plenty of traffic to find a good game.


50% up to $250

Bovada Poker

Checking in again is Bovada with their online poker room. Since the afforementioned Black Friday there has been a real lack of honest sites where USA players can go to play a few hands of poker or even sit in on a tournament. Well, Bovada (previously Bodog) never shut down during all this turmoil and continued to offer their services throughout. Going into Black Friday, Bovada already had a great poker room that ran on reliable software but since they have grown their player base exponentially. This has only helped Bovada climb to the top of the food chain when it comes to sites allowing Americans to play poker for real money. Speaking of money, Bovada gives all new depositors the chance to collect a 100% match bonus which can eventually be turned into $1,000 in cash that goes in your pocket. It will take some time and good play to earn this bonus but we know that it can be done because we've done it ourselves.


50% up to $1,000

BetOnline Poker

Also returning to our list of poker sites approved for USA players is BetOnline's poker room. All the same great stuff their online sportsbook is known for can also be found in their poker client. As you can see on the left, BetOnline runs a lot of guaranteed poker tournaments on a monthly basis, some of which pay out really well. This is nice because even if the tournament doesn't reach it's player limit, you still know what you stand to win when you make one of those deep runs. Plus, we're not just talking about big multi-table poker tournaments but this also includes their huge selection of sit n go tourneys. BetOnline has numerous table games as well in a large array of stakes. Whether you want to play $.01-$.02 or $100-$200, BetOnline has you covered. And, all stake levels are generally played in limit, pot-limit, or no limit varieties which is what you would expect from a high caliber poker site like BetOnline.

Legal Issues Associated With Online Gambling In The United States

The most important thing a players needs to know is whether or not they are breaking the law when gambling online in the U.S. The good news is that it is legal for almost all players to gamle online. In fact, there is only a 4 states that have any direct laws related to online gambling in the U.S. Without getting into the particular nuances within those states, we're going talk about the two primary federal laws that affect online gambling in the United States, the UIGEA and Wire Act.

UIGEA of 2006 - The "Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act" of 2006 has really made life difficult for Americans who want to gamble online but not in the way that you would think... ie Blocking a user from a site. Rather, the UIGEA works by making it illegal for U.S. banks to process transactions with known offshore gambling entities. In reality, this was supposed to keep Americans from using credit cards and bank transfers to fund gambling accounts. But, in actuality, all this did was create new methods and intermediaries (like PayPal, but not PayPal specifically) with which Americans could use to funnel funds into their gambling accounts. And, even then, Americans can still use their credit cards because offshore gambling sites have gotten wise and switch their payment processors frequently. If a new payment processor does not throw a red flag for being related to gambling, the money goes right through every time. Of course, banks will eventually catch on, credit card transactions will work with less frequency and that is when the site switches to a new payment processor. To learn more about how to circumvent the UIGEA, visit our casino deposit methods section.

Wire Act of 1961 - As you can see from the date, this law goes way back in the books and it essentially says that wire communication can not be used to facilitate sports betting. Back in 1961, this meant using a telephone but as technology grew and with the advent of the Internet, this grew to encompass computers as well. And, as the interpretation of what "wire communication" is, so did the areas of online gambling it enforced. Clearly the purpose of the law was to prohibit sports betting but authorities began taking it a step further to apply it to online casinos and online poker which had recently become very popular in the U.S. But, that is no longer the case as in December of 2011, the U.S. Department of Justice clearly stated it's new interpretation of the law to only include sports betting, whether it be by phone, Internet, etc... This was great news for casino gamblers and poker players but sports bettors were still left hanging in the wind. But, recent debate suggests that this law doesn't even apply to individual citizens but rather the businesses that accept these wagers. You can check the books and you're not going to find any individual consumer that been prosecuted for just betting on sports. People who have run into legal trouble in the past with the Wire Act either owned or operated a bookmaking operation, were being investigated by the IRS on tax charges, or had their financial records exposed in messy divorces. Bottom line, don't own or operate a bookmaking operation and keep your business discreet.

More About Legal US Online Gambling Sites

There is more to picking out USA online gambling sites then just looking at a review. Risking your hard earned money on the internet is not a bad thing as long as you know that you are going to be paid when you ask to be. Our goal here is to find the best online gambling sites that accept USA players and list them for our visitors to easily look through.

U.S. Players can find everything they need here if it has to do with online gambling. We have sections that deal with online casinos accepting USA players, sportsbooks, poker rooms, gambling laws, and several other sections. Please be sure that you check your local gambling laws to make sure that online gambling is legal in your state.